Saturday, October 18, 2008

It wasn't meant to be..

I was still torn on whether to keep the puppy earlier today. Rick's son Brian was over and was holding her and she starting having a seizure. I held her and she finally came out of it and acted normal as if nothing had happened.

I had a dog, Bouncer, who had seizures for years and she lived to be 14 so I wasn't too worried about that being a factor although I was worried why the puppy just started having one.

A little later, Rick was holding her, petting on her. She started having another one. Rick handed her to me and about 30 seconds later she was back to normal and while I was kissing on her she went totally limp and died in my arms.

I tried doing CPR but it didn't work. I am still in shock. It brought back so much, having just lost Randy. It brought back losing Bouncer and Reggie who I lost and had tried CPR on him as well.

She was such a cute little precious puppy and I'm so freaking mad and upset that this happened.

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Donna said...

I'm so sorry.