Sunday, February 27, 2005

Another busy/productive day

I finally got everything out of the apartment and into the new house. Completely-the kitchen is crammed full of boxes but it is all in! I cleaned, swept and mopped it. The new tenant is moving in tomorrow. I also got the other vacant apartment rented. One more to go.

Friday I felt worn to the nub, but today it wasn't that bad. My back is finally easing up so maybe I won't have to go to the chiropracter after all. It seems about once a year I will lift something wrong and throw my lower back out to where my left leg has numb and tingly spots.

Tomorrow I get to play catch up with some work, paying bills and doing my taxes. Hopefully later on in the evening I can relax and watch a movie without falling asleep before its over!

I hope everyone had a good weekend :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

No leftover parts...

Luckily all the snow we were promised turned out to only be rain. It was dreary and overcast with a steady rain. For some reason I have always loved these kinds of days ever since I can remember.

I got a late start today. I went to the apartment to get stray mail and a carload of clothes. It looked so barren and sad when I went in. I lived there for 3 years. I'm happy to be at the house now, but that apartment was where I moved to after the breakup with my ex so I feel it ushered in my freedom from that relationship. It feels like I'm closing a chapter-and I am glad to be moving on to a new one.

Rick bought a new computer and I have been researching how to network them together to share the internet connection and printers. I had no clue what I was doing when I started out, but I went today to Best Buy to buy all of the hardware and wires. I came home feeling defeated before I opened anything. I was so amazed that after about 30 minutes it was all working properly-I'm still shaking my head wondering how I did it. I put networking and algebra on the same level, both just confound me.

I felt so good after getting that done that I tackled hooking up the dvd and vcr to the new tv. Usually when I try this I get one working but not the other or can't figure out which button to push to switch over, but after about 20 minutes I had it all working.

Unlike when I installed the ceiling fan in the office I didn't have extra parts that looked suspiciously important!

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A lazy and stormy day

I got all of my books put up yesterday, and got the kitchen more arranged.

I didn't get a chance to get the rest of the things from the apartment since it rained all day-we even had a good old fashioned thunderstorm with hail later in the evening-it is supposed to snow tomorrow. I decided that was a perfectly good excuse to take the day off!

Actually I did several loads of laundry and organized my desk more. I had planned to hook up all the dvd/vcr/stereo stuff but after one look at all the wires I decided to wait! Rick has been taking advantage of the overtime that his company is offering, so he hasn't been able to help out as much.

I have made lists that keep growing. One for the address changes, one for things we need, one for things not to forget to do. Slowly I'm checking things off-but I keep remembering things to add to it. I'm not feeling so overwhelmed anymore so that is a good thing.

My car insurance went up again, so I spent some time calling around for cheaper quotes. Geico had the cheapest, but I don't know anyone that has had them and I'm not sure how good they are (the lizard alone is not enough!). Progressive was next, but like Geico-not sure.

We have dodged the flu or cold that is going around-everybody I know (and several bloggers I read everyday) are coming down with it. It sounds really nasty too. I hope everyone gets better soon!

Monday, February 21, 2005

Is there a chiropracter in the house...

The last few days have been hectic with moving and trying to place furniture at the new house. There are only a few things left at the apartment but we are in the new house amidst the chaos of boxes. I'm exhausted and full of aches and pains.

I've organized the kitchen and bath as best I could so far. It is amazing that all of this stuff used to be in a small 1 bedroom apartment and I've filled a 3 bedroom house! I think it is an illusion-there are boxes everywhere.

Today I hope to get the few things left at the apartment as well as organize the office and closets. Tomorrow I hope to spend the day at the apartment cleaning and getting it ready for the new renter.

The dogs are slowly getting used to the new house, they have been barking more than normal while trying to figure out all the new noises. A calico cat has shown up at the door which I think Petey sees as a tasty treat. He will start barking and drooling when he sees her.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Banana boxes full of books

Moving all of these books just about did me in! Someone suggested banana boxes from a produce dept. and luckily Walmart had a bunch of them. They are sturdy and have lids. A bonus was some overlooked bananas in the boxes that someone missed!

I got my dressers and the big desk moved. It was tricky getting the desk in since it had to be turned on its side and angled through the small hallway but we managed even though it was a close fit. So close that we nicked some of the fresh paint off of the trim. Touch up time!

The hardest part (aside from smashing my fingers and Rick getting knocked in the teeth with the desk) was getting the desk out of storage. I had to move 2 other desks and a couple of washing machines out first to get to it, then move them back in.

Tomorrow I plan on moving the hanging clothes, all the various items that are weird shaped and won't fit into boxes, and all of the kitchen. I hope I find some more energy between now and then! Thursday and Friday will be the "get it all over there no matter what" days. I hope to be living over there by then.

If I disappear for a few days it is because I'm waiting to get the dsl line in at the new house. I should have it up on Monday at the latest.

Rick found a home for the squatter pit bull. They are going to pick her up tomorrow.

An odd but fun puzzle.

Monday, February 14, 2005

More moving...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day :)

We made full use of the pickup we borrowed today. We got a bunch moved-dressers, end tables, many boxes, dining room table and chairs, etc. My apartment looks so bare now except for the dust bunny conference I was unaware I was hosting!!

I had called my ISP last week to get my DSL service moved to the new house. I called them back today to see where it was standing and was informed that it would be 2-3 weeks??!! I'll go into withdrawals if I have to wait that long! I'm asking friends and family who they have and if they are happy with their ISP-I hate to lose mine since I have been with them for over 10 years-but 2-3 weeks?? Who knows, they all might be that long of a wait.

Valentine's Day was lost in the shuffle of moving today. We were too tired too cook and got take out and stopped by the store for some clearance chocolate!! Today was Randy's 10th birthday as well as the 7th anniversary of when my Schnauzer Reggie was killed.

Reggie was a cutie. He wouldn't bond with me for the longest time, but a couple of years before he died he finally would let me hold him.

I had taken in a stray mutt that was very playful. She loved to play with Reggie, but Reggie didn't like her. She would jump on him and play bite at him. On Valentines morning my ex let them all out in the yard and about 10 minutes later I hear Randy and rudy barking (a bark like I had never heard before). The stray mutt was dragging Reggie around the yard while Randy and Rudy were trying to pull Reggie away from the mutt.

She had got her back teeth caught in his collar and couldn't get loose and had choked him. I'll never forget, after we had buried Reggie I couldn't find Rudy or Randy- about the time I was getting panicked I found them laying on top of where I had buried him-cuddled together whimpering.

Since then, Valentines day has been a little less for me, but the birthday boy cheered me up each year!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Still moving...

I didn't get anything moved today but I packed a major amount of stuff. Saturday I had the use of a pickup but it rained, today was beautiful but I didn't have access to a pickup.

Tomorrow I have the use of a trailer, but the pickup I have access to doesn't have a hitch! I will probably be able to get a lot moved with just the pickup hopefully-so maybe it will all work out. I'm hoping I'll have the dsl hooked up tomorrow so I can move the computer over and start living there by the weekend.

I had the oddest rental call today. I got back home and had a message from a lady that left 2 numbers and wanted to see the apartment. So I call the home number back and left a message. Then I called the cell phone and a guy answered, so I asked for the lady. He said he was her husband and wanted to know what it was in regards to. So I told him I was returning her call about an apartment for rent. Apparantly he didn't know she was calling OR moving for that matter.

About 15 minutes later, the lady calls back. She sounds very upset and is all but accusing me of making it up that she called. She demanded I tell her husband that it wasn't her that called. By this time I was busy packing and put off that these people are including me in their domestic quarrels. I told them good luck and please don't call back.

My 2 dogs are upset with all the disarray. They have been to the new house so it is familiar to them, but in the apartment chaos they are running around the house sniffing and whining. When I take boxes out the door they start barking. I keep telling them that they are coming with us, but I think they are leary!

They are really going to be upset when they find out that Taylor is coming to live with them and that I'll be dog sitting my parents chihuahua Corky when they go to Houston for my Mothers surgery.

We still haven't found a home for the squatter pit bull, but I am not going to let Petey and Randy near her-they would be two little tasty treats for her I fear.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Wet and tired...

The carpet guy came today instead of tomorrow. We barely had enough! Luckily this guy knew what he was doing and was able to fit it all in somehow. I have to admit, I wasn't hopeful when he pulled up.

He was in a rickety van, looked like he had a 3 day hangover and tripped on the carpet. Rick used to work with his Grandfather and happened to remember vaguely that he laid carpet. But sometimes first impressions can be wrong and the carpet looks great.

I had a prospect on the rental today, but he turned out to be a flake. He wanted to move in right then and not sign a lease. Like I don't have enough trouble as it is!!

Tomorrow we planned on spending most of the day moving more stuff, but the news shows that it is supposed to rain all day. It rained quite a bit today. I'll probably scout around for more boxes and finish up packing my books. I estimate I have a little over 1,000, I love to read but it is a pain moving them.

A bad oopsie!

A good oopsie.

Seeing into the future?

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Moving day...

We found a really good deal on some carpet and it should be installed Saturday.

We got 4 truckloads over to the new house. So far nothing has broke! Although I was opening the door to the storage building that had my couch in it and bruised a few ribs. You have to lift up on the door to get the lock to work and shove-I shoved too soon and jabbed the door latch into my ribs. It only hurts when I breathe and blink! Nah, it's really not that bad, not enough to keep me from finally moving after I have waited so long.

Rick found a lady who may take the dog that took up residence in the dog house at the new house. I'll feel so much better doing that instead of calling the pound-our local pound immediatly puts any pit bull down and the other shelter doesn't have room at the moment.

I finally got a decent sounding prospect to show the apartment to tomorrow. Hopefully this one won't disappear on me. In another unit, the heater pilot light won't stay lit-ANOTHER call to the plumber!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

A lost cause..

We spent today moving everything off of the carpet in the master bedroom. I had went to the store earlier and armed myself with a few different products to try to save the carpet.

I sprayed the foam on and scrubbed it in like it said. I noticed a ligtening of the stains, but nothing magically disappeared like it promised. I wasn't hopeful going on, so it wasn't too big of a disappointment. I let that sit for a little while and then brought out the steam cleaner.

About 5 years ago, I had a renter that moved out and left just about everything behind. Brand new furniture, tools, beds, televisions, and the steam cleaner. It is a really nice expesive one. I have used it many times in the past and it has tackled tough stains.

It met its match today. After about an hour I conceded. The stains got lighter, but not enough to make a difference. Tomorrow we go carpet shopping.

The squatter...

I finally felt like I made headway today on the house. Tomorrow I'm going to rearrange what is already over there to make it easier to move all the stuff from my aparment in and try clean the master bedroom carpet. We thought we might as well at least make one attempt to clean it before going carpet shopping. Might as well, and if it saves time and money it'll be worth it.

I also have some dusting to do, some doors to put back up and a few other odds and ends. When I sanded the floors it put a layer of dust on everything in the kitchen and bathroom. I'm also going to bring all the boxes here to the apartment and maybe that will motivate me to fill them!

We have a squatter in our backyard to deal with. A female pit bull decided to take up residence in the dog house on the patio. It looks like she had puppies recently. Rick felt so bad since she was looking quite emaciated he got some food for her and we put down water. She is content to eat the food and spends most of the day in the dog house asleep.

The poor thing was starving and probably hadn't had a good sleep in awhile. We will probably call the humane society on her, but decided to give her a few days of rest and food before doing so. Rick also put a note on the bulletin board at work to see if anyone wanted her before we have her picked up.

Rick was box hunting the other day while he was helping his Dad put some stuff in their rental storage unit and found a box full of sticky note pads in the dumpster bin. They are the type that drug companies give out that have an odd sounding named pill on the top. We wont have to buy sticky notes for a very long time!! It made me take an extra peek in my dumpster when I took out the trash-you never know!

Monday, February 07, 2005

Still shaking my head...

I fully intended to get things done this weekend. We all know how that goes!

A series of events kept us from working on the house so I decided to not worry about it and just let it go and have fun instead of worrying. It was kinda nice just relaxing and letting loose for a change. Even in the face of getting my plumbing bill on Saturday!!

For the most part it was a good weekend. The only sour note was on Saturday when I was at a club and ran into my ex and his "entourage". He and a group of people that work at his office came in after their annual awards banquet.

I was thinking this is nice, I haven't seen these people in a long time. Then I realized that no one was acknowledging I was even there-even when I was face to face with many of them they would turn and walk away ignoring me. Finally after about 10 minutes one of them did, but only to tell me that my ex, after seeing me, had threatened to fire anyone who talked to me!!! Now I understood-sadly this has happened before. I should have known!

Instead of being angry, upset or vindictive I could only be shocked and laugh at all of them. These are adults that let someone control them to the point of who they can talk to in a public place-I'm still shaking my head.

The one that braved the wrath got scolded. What is this, kindergarten???? It only reiterates my resolve AGAIN that I did the right thing in leaving this relationship. But still, I'm aghast that adults would act in this manner. I cannot imagine having a boss that could dictate to me who I could talk to, it just escapes me and leaves me speechless.

Rick and I put money up for a super bowl pot on friday and we won one on the 3rd quarter. It was nice after all these years of doing these and never winning to finally win!

OK, my leisure weekend is over, it is time to get serious if Monday will allow it!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Playing catch up

I'm finally feeling about 98% better. I still have some congestion, but nothing major. Now I get to play catch up and try not to wear myself down again. The house looms, just waiting for me!

I went to see my parents today, they seem to be doing a little better attitude wise, but I'm still worried. Both of them seemed defeated today. I tried to tell silly jokes and bring up funny things from the past, not sure if it worked. Tomorrow I'm going to drop off a bunch of funny dvd's for them to watch.

I am back to sqaure one on the rental I thought I had rented. The lady disappeared! Yesterday I finally tracked her down and told her that she needed to pay and move in today or I would have to start showing it again. She said she would get back with me today-she never did. This is after she has already paid her deposit. I just don't get some people. I had turned down 8 other people and canceled the ad and she was acting like it wasn't a big deal. I guess blowing $200 isn't to her!

I sat up an appointment to show it today but the lady stood me up. I have one more prospect tomorrow and then I have to put the ad back in. Our local newspaper is really proud of their ad space, so not looking forward to that.

I hope everyone had a great week :)