Sunday, October 29, 2006

It won't be pretty!

For the next to weeks I have to go in really early. I have to get up at 4:30am bleah.

Luckily I'll be training with someone new, hopefully I can get some more info out of them and not be treated like a moron. Everyone has been nice, but there is some aspects of the job I will be expected to know that no one is showing me.

I'm already dreading tomorrow and I hate that. I so wanted this to be a good job. I found a real estate related job in the paper today, I know the lady from being in real estate before so I'll give her a call tomorrow and see about that.

It pays a bit less, but being able to go to work and not feel a combination of being flustered, nausea, and inadequecy will more that make up for it.

I hope everyone has a great week :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

It was a good day-for the most part...

Until about an hour before quitting time. I answered a question on the phone and misunderstood apparantly and it set in motion a big mess.

I tried to apologize and fix it as best as I could but I won't be surprised if I get to work in the morning and get called to someone's office :O

It was right at a time that I was holding 4 notes in my hand of things to do, answering phone calls right and left and trying to pay attention to 2 or 3 other people while moments away from a panic attack! When I finally clocked out and went home, it took about an hour to unwind and relax.

Yesterday went well and I felt like I did pretty good-then bam.

If I don't start feeling more comfortable soon, this may not be the job for me. I don't mind the chaotic atmosphere one bit, but that mixed with me not knowing how to handle it all makes me really uneasy-I hate to feel incompetent. I'm sure there are many times that I look like a deer caught in headlights.

Every job I have ever had I felt a high level of competency in what I was doing and I felt comfortable-I keep having to remind myself that it took some time to get there and that this too shall pass.

I hope everyone is having a great week and has a wonderful weekend :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Back to the Grind

I won a $200 gift card to TicketMaster over the weekend-now I wait for a decent concert to come to our town-we don't have many since our venue is small. My best bet will be 2 hours away in another city.

Work went by fast today. It seems each day I get a little bit more stuff to do which keeps boggling my mind! The lady that is training me was not feeling good and another is out of town so I did more than I had before (ie: panic).

At one point I had so much going on I started forgetting important tidbits, hung up on a few people and totally screwed up working on the intercom call box-but luckily it all worked out.

Some of the nurses decided I was taking it all to seriously and would block my view of the board while I'm frantically trying to see (and relay to impatient people on the phone) what surgeries are next or what operating room a doctor/anesthesiologist were in and thought it was funny to bump my shoulder while I wrote.

Coming back from lunch I saw the dreaded black body bag being led away on a gurney from the ER. I was expecting it, but wasn't sure how I would react.

It made me more thankful for the day and to realize being at work wasn't so bad at all.

I hope everyone had a great Monday and that it will be a wonderful week :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006


I was so frazzled earlier today that I thought it was Wednesday, I was so glad to see it was thursday.

The more I learn at work the more I realize how lost I am. I get so anxious and flustered. I kept trying to take a deep breath and focus but that is hard to do when the work environment is a madhouse.

My boss overheard me say to a coworker that I was flustered, lost and frazzled but that I would stick with it until they kick me out and she told me that I was doing a great job and to hang in there. So that was nice.

I have to announce and call for things on an intercom that is overheard by at least 50 people and for some reason the word "transporter" just isn't in my vocabulary.

I keep saying "transforter". And to make it worse I didn't turn the intercom off before saying "I have a mouth full of marbles I guess" or something like that, I was so mortified there is no telling what I actually said.

I accidentally billed someone for $7500 today but luckily caught it and fixed the billing code before any harm was done.

Then when I was feeling half way decent about everything I get a call and the lady is talking so fast in medical terms that I told her I didn't hear the last part (some sort of medical procedure) and she starts all over talking really slow like I was a moron. Uggh.

Serenity now.

I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Overwhelmed & Tired

The new job is going good-I'm slowing learning the computer aspect of it, but the other aspects have overwhelmed me.

I'm going to need at least 3 or 4 months to get used to everything, remember everyone's names/faces, as well as feel comfortable with everything.

Now I see why the pay is so good-I'll be working my ass off for it!

I am bushed and haven't been doing much but eating, catching some tv and going to bed-hopefully when my regular hours kick in I'll have more time.

I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I hate football..

Actually I don't hate football itself, I hate the reactions of the fanatics in my living room right now screaming and yelling at the tv! The dogs are hiding, I'm in the office with the door shut and they sound like they are on the verge of a stroke.

Usually Rick is kind enough to DVR the game and only watch it if his team wins therefore cutting out the stressfulness of it for everyone, but today his sons are over watching it with him. It sounds like their team is losing.

I start the new job tomorrow, or actually go in for an all day orientation. I start the normal part of the job Tuesday. I called my supervisor Friday to see if I should just go to orientation only or go to my department at anytime during the day. I figured I would just be going to the orientation but I wanted to also see if everything was ok after the bad reference scare on Wednesday.

I never heard back from anyone so I figured it was okay, but you never know!

I had a pretty good birthday weekend, just hung around the house and rested up.

I hope everyone has a great week :)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I went monday for the formalities at the new job-drug test, TB test, paperwork, badge photo, etc. I went in today and the TB test showed ok, but since I don't have a record of having another before I have to take another next week.

The lady told me that all my stuff and my badge would be at the sign in desk for 8 hour orientation. I go home, thanking my lucky stars once again that I got hired.

I hear from one of my references saying that they just got a call from the lady at HR. I thought they had already done all that part of it! Then I get another call from another one of my references that they had been called.

We have a nice chat and then they tell me that they had heard from a "birdie" (who uses that anymore!) that one of my references was not giving me a good referral. In fact slandering me. This is not good. I know who they meant and it makes me furious that they could be so unprofessional and petty, furious, but not surprised.

I hope this doesn't affect what was going so well in this process. I'm nervous all over again until I either hear from HR with bad news or go in this coming Monday for orientation.

I did get 2 letters from other places that I had applied for saying the position had been filled yesterday-now I am wondering if the person giving me a bad reference had anything to do with those!