Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The birds are back

It was nice to see our birds again. The have three summer nests up in the porch eave that have been there forever. They just do a few renovations and cleaning and move right back in!

These last 2 years I have noticed three things they haven't done in the past. They completely destroyed one nest after some finches started to bring twigs and fluff to make it their home and have started to rebuild it.

Then, a few nights ago I started leaving the porch light on overnight and they plastered the side of the porch light globe that faces their nest with the mud they build their nests with. I'll take that as a "shut the light off!"

The other thing I hadn't seen before was the pair laid their first nest and the 6 babies hatched, grew up and flew away-and the same pair laid another nest and had 6 more.

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