Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bird news

Earlier today I found my dog Taylor holding a bird in his mouth. I got it away from him and it died before I could figure out how to get it back in the nest.

The nest is in an odd place up in my eaves where I can't quite get my hand through. A little later I went out in the yard and noticed the dogs were focused on that area again. I heard some chirping but couldn't see anything. I went around to the other side of the fence and found another one! He was feisty and hidden amidst the wisteria.

I picked him up, deciding to try to see if I could find some place to take it and give it a chance rather than leave it to become cat food.

I couldn't find any place so far and then found some websites that gave information on how to feed baby birds.

So far so good.

He has eaten a few times with the food I made up and has a full gullet and is asleep at the moment. Hopefully when Rick gets off work tomorrow he can make some calls and find someone that knows more of what they are doing to take him.

On a sad note, the barn swallow babies who were in the hanging geranium basket met a sad end. When I was going to work one day last week I noticed a bunch of geranium leaves on the porch and looked in the basket and they were all gone. Rick noticed later a cat hanging around looking for more.

I guess the cat had made its way up the porch railing and got them. Hopefully the cat cannot get to the babies that are higher up in their nests. I won't be hanging any baskets on that hook anymore just in case.

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