Sunday, October 18, 2009

Work work and more work

I had a long week with 3 events we had at work. Friday I worked from 10Am to 11:30Pm mostly on my feet running around. I slept a lot this weekend recovering-40 has caught up with me.

I have a few projects I need to get done around the house and just keep putting them off. Oliver has kept me busy, running around like he has fed on jet fuel.

Oliver won't take the hint from Petey that he doesn't want him chewing on his ears and keeps on bugging him. The first week, he bit Petey's "grapes" and Petey's has been on guard ever since. Oliver spends all of his spare time humping on Taylor. Taylor is so laid back he just lays there and yawns. It has been nice having a puppy around, he is a cutie and I fell in love the first day!

I took a few pictures recently, I'll upload them this week.

I've finally started winning a few things again-I went through a long dry spell for a few months and have won another Nintendo Wii system that has some kind of Star Wars party pack with it-all valued at $600!! That added with about $200 in gift cards and smaller prizes has me energized again so I have been more excited about entering every night.

My desktop computer crashed a few weeks ago, so I splurged and got another Dell. It is really nice and I validated the purchase saying it was my birthday present to myself! I probably could have gotten away from having a desktop and just used the laptop, but I didn't come to that realization until it was too late to take it back!

After the computer crash I switched from Microsoft Outlook to Mozilla's Thunderbird. After a few days of playing around with it and configuring it, I like it so much better than Outlook. It's faster and easier to configure. Like Firefox you can install add-ons as well, which is nice.

Rick just got one of those small netbook computers and they are better than I had thought. It has Windows XP and a 160Gb hard drive and the small keyboard isn't hard to type on than I thought it would be.

A local builder has donated a house to benefit The Myelin Project and they are selling 3900 tickets at $50 each. Then they randomly draw 100 tickets from those 3900 and have a reverse drawing and the last ticket wins! I have got three so far and might get two more before the deadline. I don't know how I would react if I won a house-I hope I find out!!! I also heard that a local furniture company is donating furniture as well!

I hope everyone has a great week :)

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