Thursday, August 04, 2005

Time flies..

Each day I didn't blog added up and it got to where it was easier not to. I have been neglecting several things in my life it seemed.

Still no change in my Mom, she is eating ok, not in any pain, but I can see her wasting away each time I visit. When I went to visit last-she was watching TV with a vacant stare and everytime I tried to start any conversation she was short and barely understandible.

My sister's way of dealing with this has been to remodel our parents house. I think my sister is upset that me and my brother haven't helped-in fact her and my brother had a huge fight that ended with her screaming obscenities at him. More power to her if she has the money and time, but I don't see scraping and painting the outside of their house in 95 degree weather making me feel any better about her impending death.

My Dad started getting my brother to go mow for him, but he laughed and said that it is too expensive having him do that because by the time he gets the front and back done he has drank his weight in beer.

I quit my job so I didn't have to deal with an overemotional passive aggressive boss. Once I gave my my two weeks notice things went on a honeymoon and she was as nice as could be, but I think it was because another person gave their notice as well and left.

I've got a lot of things done on the house, decorating wise. I have a painting project this weekend and the only thing I'll have left is the kitchen. We were scheduled to get a new roof tomorrow but the rain will put that off a week.

I hope everyone has been doing good and not neglecting their journals like I have! I have a lot of catching up to do :)


irina said...

That was a long absence Jeff...
It seems you are on the down side... I wish all the best to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Love, best wishes, and positive energy to you and yours, Jeff. It's been a difficult summer for you. Not too great for me, either, but some are better than others. Hang in there--and know that other people care about you!

Kristeena said...

He's baaaaaack! (yay!)
I missed you!!

I've found people deal with grief in different ways - if your sister feels the best way to cope is by remodeling their house, so be it. I just hope its not too disruptive for your mom.

Good for you for knowing when its time to leave! I stayed in a miserable job for four years - that's beyond loyalty, that's stupidity!! I'll never do it again. should totally give me your e-mail address so I don't worry next time (if you want to!)

=) kris