Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The pill hider...

Last week my Dad called hospice and they are now coming everyday to help my Mom. They are regulating her medicine, helping her with insurance forms, even getting her one of those lift up chairs. They have been really great.

Yesterday they brought in a new medication for my Mom and she, for whatever reason, decided she didn't want to take them and she has hid them from my Dad.

I have been doing good, trekking along so far (knock on wood). I worked in the yard today planting some ornamental cabbage. I've been catching up on my reading and movie watching.

I'm anxiously awaiting my new computer. I found a great deal online-I can't tell if it was a mess up or a real promo but the ad said free upgrade on a flat panel monitor. It already started out with a 19" flat panel, so I clicked to the 24" flat panel and the price stayed the same. I checked out and it's on it's way. The list price of the monitor was more than the computer was!

I got a letter today from our good Governor-urging me to vote FOR constitutional amendment #2 on November 2nd-which prohibits marriage, civil unions and domestic partnership for anyone but a man and a woman. I'm sure it will pass here in the good ole boy state of Texas but after a phone call I am sure I am off their mailing list!

Sunday was mine and Ginger's 25th year anniversary of the day we met! It has been a wonderful 25 years I wouldn't trade for the world.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what we'd have done without hospice for my mom; they were the most supportive group of people I ever met. It's not unusual for people to hid pills they don't want to take; or for them to not want to take them. After a certain point, there are just too many--with questionable results.
Missouri already passed that ammendment. No surprise--I guess even a "swing" state can stop swinging! Sim