Tuesday, October 04, 2005

From the mouth of babies...

I went to see my parents yesterday-my Mom was about the same-honked out on morphine. She is eating well, but sleeping a lot. My Dad was running around the house doing laundry, getting her food ready and making sure her pills were in order. I did some dishes for him and vacuumed so he could take a break. He said at one point "I'm tired of being a housewife."

About 20 minutes ago, I overheard something that had me chuckling. I live across the alley from a massive daycare center. This daycare center bought about 7 houses on that block and renovated them really nicely, put up big fences and the house directly behind me is the play yard complete with a fort.

I can hear the the kids playing from about 10am til about 5:30pm. Normally it is just the white noise type sounds of kids screaming, laughing etc.

Today I went in the backyard to check to see if any of the dogs were digging around the fence and overheard:

Girl screaming...

Day care lady: EDWARD! Leave her alone!

Edward: She was only screaming because I tried to kiss her.

Day care lady: She doesn't want you to kiss her, we have been over this before-now get inside for a time out.

Edward: She really likes me, she just wont admit it because Manuel is watchiiiiiing.

Little girl: Oh great, now Manual will want to kiss me too.

I got such a kick out of that-her secret was out now! I looked over and saw her on top of the fort with this look of resign on her face, Edward climbing down for his punishment.

Manuel was probably crossing the yard to climb up in the fort!

It is supposed to get cold here by Thursday with a high of 40 and rainy. I feel fall coming! No more mowing-YAY!

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Anonymous said...

You only think "no more mowing!"
We've been pretty warm, again, here--and very dry. But the grass hasn't seemed to notice.
Morphine had about the same effect on my mom--but she insisted I do the housework and laundry. My dad did ok cooking, but the rest was a disaster. I didn't realize just how much a disaster until I cleaned out the house.
Hang in there, buddy. Good to see you posting again!