Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The blurry weekend

After Rick's son wrecks his car, we are going through all the insurance channels, get a nice rent car and are on are way to putting this all behind us.

That is until we get a call today around noon from the son. He had borrowed the rental car and had another wreck! I have a feeling he won't be driving anywhere anytime soon. Rick was beside himself. It is not his month for kids and cars. His daughter wrecked her car going to school a few weeks ago, then the two wrecks with this son and another son got another of Ricks cars towed for not having proper registration. He had given it to him recently and hadn't got it transferred over.

They are all old enough to take care of these things themselves. The only one taking it on themselves to fix anything is the daughter. She is the youngest and it was HER car. The sons seem not to care since they are driving cars that they aren't paying anything for but the gas. I tried nicely to tell this to Rick, but he won't listen.

It came up when one of the sons wanted to borrow MY car. I said no thank you and told him that if they can't even have enough responsibility to handle his cars then they aren't ready for mine. He came really close earlier telling me that he should have listened to me, but that isn't his style!

I went out all this weekend, had a good time with good friends but I'm going to have to stay away from the martinis!

I got some work done on the rentals, it took about 3 hours to clean out all of the trash that the deadbeat tennants left behind. Now after a good scrub and a coat of paint it should be ready.

I hope everyone is having a great wreck-free week!


Sim Warford said...

Ben Franklin once said, "If you have a friend you'd like to get rid of (this is not verbatim), loan him money. You'll never see him again." So my policy is never to loan even books and CDs anymore; let alone my car! Small monetary loans to people I'd just as soon not see much of is about it. Works pretty well, too.
Lord, I hope it's a wreck-free weekend--for you all, and us--and everyone else! Sim

Planet Kristin said...

That makes me sad.
This should be a time for you to focus on your immediate family, keep yourself healthy and energized, and even -dare I say it- be a little selfish... I'm sorry that your attention has to be shifted elsewhere. Stress is something you seem to have no shortage of lately.

As someone who lives with the problem child and not the parent who enables it -
the best I can offer is this:

Draw your boundaries and stick to them.
Keep a nest egg for yourself.
Offer a shoulder when needed.

You can't control what happens from Rick on out, but you can take measures to ensure that you don't get caught up in the drama and muck that lies outside. It may not be Rick's ideal situation, but it isn't for you either so, something has to give somewhere. Let them grumble about your boundaries - then walk away to blow off some steam.

I try to lead by example.
I walk alone alot but for some sick reason I have to keep trying...


We're going out Friday...
Hollar if you want to meet up for a drink. (Or 5... HA!)

letti said...

ah, i'm glad you stuck to your guns..i wouldn't let him near any car of mine either, from the sounds of his "escapades"