Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I haven't felt like saying anything lately-mostly been being a bum and hiding under the covers. On November 26th my Mom passed away after about 10 months of fighting cancer. We had the funeral that following Monday and it was sad to be in the same place that we were for my brother less than a month before.

My Dad and sister are having a tough time but at least they are grieving, I feel stuck in a time warp like it hasn't hit yet. Not sure what is going on with that. I keep waiting for them to ask me why I'm not crying.

My Dad's Birthday, Christmas and what would have been their 47th wedding anniversary are all within a week of each other so that will be an even tougher time on my Dad. Hopefully I can be there for him.

We are finally getting a settlement on the car insurance stuff this thursday so hopefully we can get another car-having just the one is not fun.


herwest said...

If you ever want to unbum you're welcome anytime to come see a two-year old sing "These Boots Were Made for Walkin'" But she only sings the chorus because I only sing the chorus, so you get the -- dadadada dadadada with hip shaking.

Thank you for the thank you note. It made me want to send a thank you that thanked the original thank you. But then we'd be Japanese with the bowing and so forth.

And on the avalanche--because that's just what it seems--I'm glad I was there.


Kristeena said...

I'm so sorry - seems like you've had an awful lot to deal with in the past few months. I totally understand the hiding, especially as a coping mechanism. Sometimes we have to hide and heal for a while.

=) kris

Anonymous said...

Jeff, I'm just so sorry. I'd been wondering. And it is like being stuck in a time warp sometimes. I think the people who grieve first get over it quicker, though. I still don't cry much, or often, or well.
My love and sympathy,