Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tax Time

I finally got my taxes done, and after some fiddling went from owing to getting money back-I was sweating there for a bit!

I had a good Valentines day, sat around the house, did some work and then watched TV. I watched American Idol which I am hooked on now for some unknown reason and the Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular.

I love that show and just about any game show. For no other reason than I love to see people win stuff. It is addicting. I root for them, cheer for them and tonight on the Price is Right there was one poor girl who lost the chance to win not 1 but 3 cars and blew it because she listened to the audience-but later she won the showcase showdown that included a 2006 Cadillac.

Wheel of Fortune is another favorite of mine. I root for them as well and loved it last week on Sweethearts week when a couple won the $100 grand at the last.

I almost had a fit on thursday when they displayed the spin ID for a home watcher to win-I have had my spin ID since they first started doing them and watch all the time. I only know my first 2 letters on my spin ID and vaguely the rest with a 109 somewhere in there. It was a trip to Jamaica and they showed the spin ID that had my 2 first letters and some 0's and a 109 in there. It was so close, but for a few seconds scrambling to find my sticky note with my spin ID on there I was excited.

Everyone in the house was looking at me like I had lost a marble or two! Kinda the same way when I got the email for the Ipod video I won-I let out a hoot and maybe a holler and everyone came running thinking I was having a coniption!

Yes I was a faithful watcher of Who wants to be a millionaire for a long time, I still try to catch it-there was a lady on the other day from my city and she won quite a bit. I also have gotten into Deal or No Deal.

Yep, give me a game show and I'll root for all to win!

I hope everyone has a great week.


Sim Warford said...

We had "The Price is Right" on last night, too; I was in the middle of fixing dinner, and didn't see much of it. And we always watch Wheel.
We had a happy Valentine's day--glad you did too! Sim

letti said...

hi jeff!!!happy valentine's day! Ooo..I go to too, almost on a daily basis..hehe..and some other places but cheapstingy looks great too! I finally find someone in blogdom with my freebie "fetish" heheh .. *hugs and hugs*