Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Laptop Hell

The good news is that I bought a nice laptop for $100. I spent more on the router, adapter and wireless mouse that I did the laptop!

The bad news is that I cannot get it to connect to the internet with my wireless router. It has been a week now and I have tried everything that I know to do.

Including a few hours on live chat and phone support that went in circles and did nothing.

I finally put it in the corner until I can figure something else out. I had to. I was getting dangerously close to climbing on the roof just so I could hurl it onto the patio.

Work is going good-we have been very busy. We have quite a few events coming up and I have been getting prepared for those.

Our weather has been nice, springlike but windy.

(glaring at laptop in the corner) I hope everyone has had a nice week


Donna said...

Oh, I had an AWFUL time getting my Belkin router to work. Or I should say, my daughter did. I gave up on it, and a few months later, Rachel came over, spent two hours on the phone with techs, and got it working for me. I'd never have been patient enough to do what she did.

JC said...

I feel for ya. My Hard Drive crashed on my work laptop and lab tech guys got me a new HDD - however, I can not tunnel in from home if I am wireless, If I connect wired - it works fine. BUT WHO WANTS TO BE ON A LEASH...that is why I have a wireless adapter....grrr.

No one has a clue why mine is so flaky.... have you tried to connect your via ethernet cable? You might be see the same problem as I am dealing with..