Friday, July 27, 2007

What a week!

My boss was out of town all week and had left me a bunch of stuff to keep me busy. I finished it all by Wednesday at about 2PM! I played on the internet some, visited the people in the offices around me, organized my desk and some file cabinets, twiddled my thumbs a bit and started digging around for things to do! Overall it was a pretty productive week I think.

I have news overload though :( If there wasn't any bad news I don't think there would be any news at all!

I have been having some pretty odd dreams this week. I wake up remembering them and thinking how crazy am I and wonder about myself and by the time I'm stepping into the shower they are gone. Then during the day I remember whisps of them-a feeling, a face or a place in the dream and it is gone again. I had thought about starting a dream diary, just jotting down a few parts of the dream to jog my memory later but with the way I feel about them when I wake up I'm wondering if I should just let them stay forgotten!

There is probably a reason why the memories of dreams are stored in our short term memory!

I'm excited about next week, I'll have more money in my grubby hands than I have had in a loooong time-I'm going shopping! First I'm getting the necessities first-new tires for my car, new eye-glasses, catch up on some bills, a few things around the house that we have been needing for awhile-and then I'm going to splurge a bit and put the rest in savings.

My resident barn swallows have hatched their babies! I see a bunch of cheeping beaks and sparsely feathered heads stick up! I worry about them so much at this stage since they are so vulnerable! It looks like there are 5-6 in that small nest and I worry they are going to fall out. When I came home for lunch today there was about 15 other birds all gathered on the railing of the porch and I was worried they were messing with the babies-I ran up and shooed them off. Here is a picture I took-they let me get so close-within 2-3 feet and pay me no mind!

I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

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JC said...

We had some readheaded woodpeckers move into a tree i was cutting down... I have since stopped. I don't know how many babies they have - at least one.
I wonder - do woodpeckers migrate or am I stuck with a hald cut down tree?