Sunday, December 11, 2005

14 days left...

I ventured out to do some shopping for Christmas. Found a few ideas, but wasn't motivated to buy anything other than dog food and diet coke.

We drove through some car lots looking for Rick a car-everything is so high and there is slim pickings of used cars at the new car lots. I read in Time magazine that not many people are buying therefore less trade ins and what was there, they were way overpriced in my opinion. We'll probably hit the used car lots tomorrrow and see what they have in stock.

I haven't been in the mood for the holidays lately considering. Rick put up some neat lights and decorations on the outside and has been trying to get me in the mood to put up the tree. I keep thinking I need to but haven't got there yet.

I did have another win yesterday, a Febreeze noticable prize pack-a new plug in thing they are promoting. I'm up to $95 in prizes now.

Hope everyone had a great week.


herwest said...

Hope you find luck at the car shopping. Ray and I will be hitting the lots soon for a truck for him.

Glad the sweeps are paying off. All I got was more junk mail. :0)

I have no compunction to put up xmas decorations either--for different reasons--but need too for Maddie. Neither does Ray.

You're lucky Rick is there with the Reindeer and all that.


Anonymous said...

Not much in the Xmas spirit myself. I haven't even made it to the post office! I did put up 2 wreaths; a new one for the front door, which upon hanging it I realized looks just downright whorish; and the old one, which really looks better, on the back door. Guess I'll put up the tree this weekend. I have to push myself to do much of anything! Sim