Saturday, May 20, 2006

what a fun week :O

I finished some more training this monday and tuesday, and by wednesday I went in for my regular schedule, 10pm-7am.

I realized after being there for less than 2 hours that this wasn't the job for me, nor was it the job I was expecting from the way they described it.

I stuck it out til 7am, but by then I was a wreck. I cracked a rib, my arms are bruised from wrist to elbow and I still hurt so bad that I am getting around really slow.

It didn't help any that tuesday night I started getting a sore throat. Today I have the full on body aches, runny nose and a cough to go with it.

I'm going in search of nyquil!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Sim Warford said...

It sounds like you were working at a nursing home--or maybe a landscaping service! Though from experience, I know teaching could do the same thing!
I hope you're feeling better--finding a decent job is really difficult. I still haven't.
So good thoughts and positive energy to you!