Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I never heard back from whoever that was that called-no phonecall or by mail. It's frustrating that is was probably just a spam phonecall from someplace that I entered a sweepstakes at.

Finally got my Dad moved last week-he was flustered since this is his first move since 1972. I think at one point he was overwhelmed and was thinking he made a mistake. He was sweating all the small stuff like utility switch overs and at one point was so upset he was red in the face that he couldn't find some WD-40.

I don't really care for the place-it wouldn't be something I would want but he seems happy with it. It needs a bit of work, but nothing major.

I spent time that I wasn't helping him working in the yard. I finally got a new mower. The flower bed that Rick made is all filled in. I found some landscape lights and put those in. All the plants are doing good, I have to water constantly since it has been so hot.

There were a few places on the side that were empty and we hadn't bought any plants for. I noticed rick was throwing a bag away with a potato that had eyes growing, so I cut a few off and stuck those in there-they are already 3 inches tall. I think the foliage is pretty and the little yellow flowers will look nice there.

I put a few applications in but haven't heard anything back yet. I will probably go tomorrow and put a few more in.

I hope everyone had a great weekend :)


JC said...

I don't envy having to move - we've been in our house since 83 and we have so much junk accumulated, I can't imagine what 11 more years would entail. I really dread the day when we will have to clean out my parent's places (Big house in town, the lake house and the freakin' big RV bus (no my Dad does not drive the RV anymore - thank God, it was his choice) - both are in the mid-80's and both my parent's pictures are in the dictionary under packrats. Anyway, I am picturing a really big bonfire in my future :-)
I don;t think there is much of a market for polyester pants suits fromt he sevens unless someone knows of a Hair revival somewhere. But the parental units are doing as good as someone 80+ can, so hopefully it won't be anytime soon...my Dad's Mom lived to 109!

That's too bad about the sweepstakes no show, I guess you need to move to Defiance, Ohio to be successful...

Way to recycle those potatoes!

Sorry to hear you are job hunting again, too bad that other one did not workout. My daughter's roommate is originally from White Deer (around Amarillo I think) and her Dad recently got laid off - haven't heard if he's had much luck getting another job either. Sounds like the Panhandle isn't exactly a thriving hotbed of jobs. Good Luck with it... but look on the bright side, you have more time to post to the Blog and enter more contests!

JC said...

ooops, that should have been 'pant suits from the seventies'
I think faster than I can type and I type like sh--
not a good combination

Sim Warford said...

I'm just about done with my planting; I always wait until after Memorial to buy stuff--it's usually half-price, BOGO, or, occasionally, given away. I have some potatoes coming up in my compost heap--but it's too shady, and they never bloom or produce back there. I haven't had to water very much; it's been raining every other day, here, it seems.