Monday, May 08, 2006

A win, a phone-call and some old friends

I won an IBM Portable 80GB USB 2.0 Hard drive with rescue & recovery (ARV $260.00) today on an instant win from Lenovo.

I had been having a dry spell so I was surprised when the screen popped up and said I won-I was thinking it was one of those small flash hard drives that are around 15 bucks, then I read the rules and was pleasantly surprised. My 2006 total is now $1262.11

Reading my sweepstakes message boards had kept me going, I had seen some postings of some big wins lately like a spa trip to france, a Ford Fusion and one lady won $3121.00 Best Buy gift card on a promotion for Prince's new album 3121.

I got an email from about their price drop policy, apparantly it DOES work. They said:

"We're writing to confirm that we have processed your refund for the above-referenced order. This amount should appear as a credit on your next credit card

So if you order something from them, keep an eye on the price for the next 30 days!

I got a call today and have orientation for the new job starting wednesday through friday so I am guessing I'll start the job the following monday. This job is more physical labor than office work like I am used to. I figured I'll either like it and get into better shape or hate it and not last long! Either way I'm going to approach it with an open mind and give it my best shot.

The barn swallows that have nested on my porch for the last 3 years are back again(or their babies from last year). I was a little worried since another kind of bird had taken over building into their mud type nest with bits of fabric softener sheets and shreded paper. I had gotten so used to seeing them, I was glad when they showed back up-like old friends.

But they barn swallows showed up and tore it all out are showing up everyday building it back into order. They have gotten so used to me and Rick that they won't fly away when we walk out the front door (their nest is only about 2 feet away) but will fly away when other people show up or walk out.

Here is a picture from last year, I haven't taken any new ones yet.

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JC said...

The birds look cute, but I hope you have a hose close to the front door...
Congrats on your personal epic of 'The Prize Winner of Definace, Ohio'.

How's the new job coming along? ...coming up on the one month anniversay pretty soon