Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I went monday for the formalities at the new job-drug test, TB test, paperwork, badge photo, etc. I went in today and the TB test showed ok, but since I don't have a record of having another before I have to take another next week.

The lady told me that all my stuff and my badge would be at the sign in desk for 8 hour orientation. I go home, thanking my lucky stars once again that I got hired.

I hear from one of my references saying that they just got a call from the lady at HR. I thought they had already done all that part of it! Then I get another call from another one of my references that they had been called.

We have a nice chat and then they tell me that they had heard from a "birdie" (who uses that anymore!) that one of my references was not giving me a good referral. In fact slandering me. This is not good. I know who they meant and it makes me furious that they could be so unprofessional and petty, furious, but not surprised.

I hope this doesn't affect what was going so well in this process. I'm nervous all over again until I either hear from HR with bad news or go in this coming Monday for orientation.

I did get 2 letters from other places that I had applied for saying the position had been filled yesterday-now I am wondering if the person giving me a bad reference had anything to do with those!


Derek said...

best of luck buddy!

JC said...

You know, if you are concerned about the references, you might want to call up the suspected one and ask him if he has been contacted? It just that you heard from the others and was curious if he had been too. Then you can ask what he did or would share...they hardest part would be not getting pissy before you got your info...

You don't really know if it was this person, it couldhave been one of the ones who called and they were feeling a little guilty...

But , what ever - Good Luck.

The Persian said...

Why keep putting them down as a referance? What jerks they are...sheesh