Thursday, October 19, 2006


I was so frazzled earlier today that I thought it was Wednesday, I was so glad to see it was thursday.

The more I learn at work the more I realize how lost I am. I get so anxious and flustered. I kept trying to take a deep breath and focus but that is hard to do when the work environment is a madhouse.

My boss overheard me say to a coworker that I was flustered, lost and frazzled but that I would stick with it until they kick me out and she told me that I was doing a great job and to hang in there. So that was nice.

I have to announce and call for things on an intercom that is overheard by at least 50 people and for some reason the word "transporter" just isn't in my vocabulary.

I keep saying "transforter". And to make it worse I didn't turn the intercom off before saying "I have a mouth full of marbles I guess" or something like that, I was so mortified there is no telling what I actually said.

I accidentally billed someone for $7500 today but luckily caught it and fixed the billing code before any harm was done.

Then when I was feeling half way decent about everything I get a call and the lady is talking so fast in medical terms that I told her I didn't hear the last part (some sort of medical procedure) and she starts all over talking really slow like I was a moron. Uggh.

Serenity now.

I hope everyone has a great weekend :)


The Persian said...

I hate using the intercom at work. It is funny tho now and then when someone doesn't realize they are broadcasting and say something silly.

See your boss appreciates you!


Kristin said...

You always do fine, give yourself some credit and, more important, time to learn a new skill. Few things come over night.

I have faith in you, and it sounds as if your boss does too...

Serenity, serenity. Mountains, fresh water, crisp morning air, coffee, and calm...