Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Before I split up with my ex, we had a very close friend. My ex and her had a falling out and I got caught in the crossfire-losing her as a friend as well. I never could get the whole story out of either of them of what happened, but it was pretty bad and looking back, I handled it poorly.

When I split up with him, I tried to make contact with her and start over but it didn't work-she would be nice enough, just not want to get close. It kinda became a running joke-whenever I would see her I'd say "let's have a drink sometime-call me!" Both of us have easy to remember phone numbers so we'd laugh and say I remember your number. I gave up calling and she never did.

So over the past 7 years I haven't seen her too much, until recently. The building I work in has an association that she is a member of and they have a meeting there once a week. She came to my office a few times to say hi.

Then out of the blue she pops in today and said "lets get a drink tomorrow!" Who knows if she will follow through with it, but it's a nice thought and I'm hopeful.

Today drug by and I was so tired. Last night Randy woke up yelping, whining and shaking about 1:30am. It was too early to give him his medicine so I put him in his bed and hugged on him and tried to calm him down. I finally got him to sleep around 3:00am and got up at 7:00am and boy did I feel it all day. It was worth it, I wouldn't have been able to sleep anyway knowing he was miserable.

This morning he was stiff and wimpering and the vet gave us some pain pills for him. It seems to be working-he is dozing now and 20 minutes after I gave him the pain pill he loosened up and you could tell he was relaxed.

I won't need a pill to sleep tonight! I hope everyone had a great humpday :)

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