Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A few boring days

Not much has been going on around here. I have been catching up on some movies and books. No wins since February 23rd :( I'm hoping a surprise win will come by USPS, UPS or FedEx soon.

In fact it has been so boring I feel like I need to get out and do something before I go stir crazy-or at least start doing some remodel work on the house. My sleeping habits are all off kilter so I'm going to try to work on that.

I have been wanting to update the kitchen paint and flooring. It is all in good shape and wont cost much. The people before had a thing for all black and white and I want some color in there. They also had a thing for wild colors in the rest of the house like yellow and green in one bedroom and purple and pink in another! Those were the first to go LOL

Rick is on a diet of some sort that a friend of his told him about. I don't think it has a specific name but it limits your sugar and carbs. He has been in a MOOD lately from the sugar withdrawals, so today I told him I have named his diet "The South Bitch" diet!

He is actually doing good on it and working out every other day at the gym-luckily the new diet is only supposed to last 30 days for whatever reason to which I and I'm sure everyone he works with are glad!

Hope everyone is having a great week :)


Kristin said...

The "south bitch" diet?
Shame on you - ROFL!

Sim Warford said...

I've been planning to do some work on my house, too--for over four years! I either have ample time and no money, or the opposite.
Doug's been bitching about the carbs I serve--at least he doesn't have a sweet tooth! He's bitchy enough as it is! "South Bitch Diet!" I love it!