Thursday, March 30, 2006

Computer Cord Chaos and too much TV

I kept putting it off. I needed a couple of surge protectors on the computers for the longest time and only had power strips. I finally tackled it today.

I pulled the desk out, unplugged everything, fought the dust bunnies and started from scratch.

I even went so far as to label each plug so I would know what it was later and tied the extra lengths of cords to reduce the mess. This is part of my spring cleaning festival. Yesterday I tackled the kitchen closet (AKA if you don't know where else to put it, throw it in that closet).

You could have spotted me at Walmart-the spring cleaner with a cart piled high with organization bins, boxes and one of those spools to wind the tangled mess of orange extension cord.

I have one closet left-the office closet (AKA when you open the door everything flies out closet). If you watch the show Friends-it's like the closet Monica had under lock and key so no one would no she is actually messy.

I got a DVR recently and have went wild with it. I had no idea I was missing so much TV! I set it to record a show anytime it comes on or a movie that is on when I am away and the next thing you know I have tons of shows to watch.

There is even a handy search feature so I can search for shows I had no idea existed based on a keyword. The best perk is fast forwarding through commercials.

Some of the shows that I normally wouldn't catch that I am now addicted to are:
-Footballer$ Wive$
-Drawn Together
-The Oblongs
-Moral Orel
-Seconds from Disaster
-The Price is Right
-Kath and Kim
-City Confidential

Rick get's to record all of his flyfishing shows, cooking shows, and Larry King Live.

Since I got the new 60" plasma he tapes just about everything in high definition as well! I had no idea how much of a difference high definition was. I'd like to hook up surround sound soon as well.

Parts of our town was evacuated today from a huge grass fire within the city limits. I saw a news flash on and it was towards the area where some of my family live. On top of it all it was windy, about 38-40mph wind. Luckily they contained it and called off the evacuation. The news said 8 homes were lost, but no one was hurt.

I hope everyone has a great TGIF :)

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Sim Warford said...

Well, maybe it'll work, this time! Couldn't even get to the comment screen yesterday!
I'm determined to start spring cleaning today--it should take the better part of the week! And the computer cords aren't even on the list!
We only have two closets--if you don't count the pantry--and one (my room) is overflowing--can't get one door shut, can't get the other open. The big walk-in closet in Doug's room isn't fully utilized; it's over "the pit," and everything in there is subject to mildew.
I've actually grown fond of my dust bunnies; and the cobwebs are always so cheerful--just waving everytime I walk into a room!