Friday, March 03, 2006

Good news and bad news

My niece had a nasty fall off of a horse and is in a drug induced coma while her brain is monitored for swelling.

The first day the doctors were not optimistic at all and were preparting everyone for the worst. The next day her brain stopped swelling and went down even. When they tried to slowly wake her up it all went awry and they sent her back down. They are going to try again tomorrow.

My friend Ginger came up to visit which helped a lot. Plus I finally got to meet her pug Winston who felt so at home he hiked in my kitchen twice!

I got my video Ipod in the mail that I won last month, and have won 5 books, a timex indiglo watch, tshirt, a pizza, a movie and 20 two liters of diet coke in the mean time. My total for 2006 is $724.78.

I set my dad up on entering the instant wins to start and the first one he entered he won a lighter from Camel-he was excited and is hooked. He called today and asked me to set him up on high speed internet so he can enter faster!

Hope everyone has a great weekend :)


Donna said...

How do you find all the stuff to enter?

Donna said...

Thanks Jeff, for the links. You are a genuine nice guy.

I can feel it by reading the words in your journal. Isn't it strange how we get a "feel" for people on the Internet?

Sim Warford said...

Hope your niece is doing better. I'm sending postitive energy and good, healing vibes. Hope you're doing well, too--and enjoying your wins! And that you, too, have a great weekend!