Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A few wins and boredom...

I got a FedEx envelope yesterday from a GE/Home Depot contest I entered last year and it contained a $50 gift certificate from Home Depot. I need a few small things from there so that is cool.

I also won a lighter from a Camel instant win. I was determined to win that one since I had been playing it for so long!

Taylor had to go back to the vet again-they took his staples out and he itched the spot and opened it back up. So now they used sutures instead-he seems to be leaving it alone for the most part although he is itching were the hair is growing back.

He has been really needy lately so I have been trying to keep him near me. He also is doing a few strange things, like peeing on Brian's leg and getting mouthfuls of food and dropping them in other places throughout the house. Hopefully he won't be doing those for long!

It has been a boring last few days-I'm eyeing my kitchen cabinets and closet to clean them out or the outside shed.

I had a couple of plumbing troubles in the last few days-can't wait to get those bills-yuck.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far :)

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Donna said...

after all, Taylor was traumatized. It may take him awhile to get over it.