Monday, June 05, 2006

working around the house

I haven't been up to much except getting the yard in order. It is looking pretty good, all of the plants except one have been settling in.

The yard is greening up-sitting on the patio and getting a nice breeze filled with elderberry blooms and wisteria was a nice reward this evening. I woke up this morning and found these on a new plant:

I ran into a good friend this weekend that I hadn't seen in a long time and while chatting I mentioned looking for a job. It turns out that she is in charge of hiring for 2 some positions and told me to that they will be posting soon and that from my qualifications she would love to have me.

I have to wait a few weeks, but I was excited about the prospect-they both way very well and would be something I would love to do. Keeping my fingers crossed!

My dad finally got all settled in and now has told me that he is regretting the move on a few levels. I had told him all the way til the end that we could stop the move but he wanted to go through with it. I think it is a few things that are annoying-the screwy phone line, the leaky freon line, trying to get situation and he still hasn't found a few things that were packed in the wrong boxes or lost.

I hope everyone had a great monday :)


Sim Warford said...

Moving is Hell! My folks had basically stuffed three households worth of furniture, etc. into one; we moved all of it last summer--some into our house, the rest into a large storage unit. Where it will probably rest until my siblings decide they want something, or I get tired of paying the rent.
I have that particular flower about ready to bloom, too; it's early, but everything has been, this year.
Wishing you the best on the job(s)! I'm still looking, myself!

JC said...

Good Luck with the job prospect...I glad to hear it may work out....

Buyer Remorse, once the kinks get worked out, there were positives about the move and hopefully they will start to outweigh the negatives...

ALso, gives you more opportunity for new gardens!