Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hard drive toast

My computer crashed today and I got a blue screen of death.

After an hour on the phone with Dell and a nice Indian man we figured out my hard drive went to the big OS in the sky. He was so upset when he had to inform me that my warranty expired 6 days ago.

He even asked 3 supervisors to let it be a grace period and to help me, but to no avail.

So to Best Buy I go. I get a hard drive and an Windows XP and head back home.

After 4 hours I finally get everything working. Installing the hard drive, I had a few glitches that luckily I found solutions for on google. Then I could get either mine or Rick's computer on the internet, but not both.

After about 45 minutes of frustration and searching on Dell's website for drivers I finally do something right.

Then it was on to fix that I had no sound. That was the easiest of all.

Now I'm off to find several email addresses, programs, all my favorite bookmarks, all my sweeps bookmarks (I had at least 200) and try to forget that I lost pictures, videos, and who knows what else.

The lesson for today-backup regularly!

I hope everyone had a great day and an even better tomorrow :)


JC said...

cd/dvd burner
save up/put it on your Christmas list, but worth it! All those precious memories can be more than just memories if you copy them to a CD....but then you got to find aplace to store and organize them...dang it!

letti said...

omgosh, that's horrible. We've had that happen a few times to us - my recent one must have been about 6 months ago, and had to go through all the painstaking whatchamacallit - david has a getdataback programme that helped get most stuff back, but some things are always lost forever. My condolences to your poor fried hard drive - it's painful. Bleh.