Saturday, November 11, 2006

Why? (AKA another drunken blog)

Someone asked me earlier about blogging. First of all they asked me why, then they asked me if I would feel weird if they read my blog. They were amazed that I would put personal things out there for all to read, shocked even. I was taken aback at first and then I started thinking "why?".

I blog for therapy-I blog for fun-I blog for letting it out-I blog for the heck of it-and yes I have blogged while upset/happy/mad/manic/depressed/drunk/sober. I blog while I'm in my head, not really thinking of who is reading what flows out of my typing fingers.

So I don't feel weird no matter who is reading my blog, or not. If this was just for me or a thousand people, I would say the same thing.

I freely give out my blog address in email, in person-but only if someone asks-it's not like I'm trying to promote it! It's a multi-purpose thing I do.

Sometimes my friends read it, sometimes my family members read it, sometimes people whose blog's I read read it, sometimes strangers read it, and sometimes enemies read it. It's just out there.

Why? I don't know-I don't think I'm any more interesting than anyone else. I'm sporadic on my updates and I'm sure I don't have everyone linked that I should.

But It's here and I have fun with it and in a hundred years from now what will it matter?


The Persian said...

Blogging drunk is too much fun! :)

I admire your open-ness. I am hesitant to give my addy out to people/family because knowing they could be reading I might start to censor myself not to hurt or offend. I would rather stop than ever have to worry about what I'm typing.


letti said...

i used to blog for myself, then for others, which sucks, and now i'm sorta back to blogging for myself and not an "audience" - kinda like when i look back at my archives and think, "wow, that was an interesting thing that happened to me" or "interesting frame of mind that i was in right then". Kinda sorta.