Tuesday, November 28, 2006


For some reason last week 6 lightbulbs went out when I flipped the switch. After the 3rd one I started thinking something was up! Then I get to work Monday and 2 go out there when I flipped the switch!

Work is going good, I finally finished a PowerPoint presentation for Thursday-Everyone was pleased. It had been awhile since I had made one, I was worried. I started familiarizing myself with FrontPage this weekend and playing around with it so I can start updating the webpage at work.

While doing the PowerPoint presentation, I found this picture-I love this picture! I used it as the first slide:

I finally started backing up my files after I lost my hard drive last month-I had won a Lenovo 80gb external hard drive earlier this year and wished I had used it before. It was so easy-I just plugged it in, it showed up as a drive and I drug and dropped .

I have had a dry spell in the sweeps lately-only $62.94 this month-but I finally passed the $25K overall total at $25,095.73!

I hope everyone is having a great week :)

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letti said...

omigosh, 25K! Dude, I thought I was pretty good in the freebie dept, but you're the king! hehe. Love the pic for the powerpoint. Hehe , oh , and goodluck with backing up your files. That can be such a pain.