Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Computer Blues...

I keep getting error messages that might as well say: You still have Windows 98 what do you expect?"

I'm still using a computer I bought in 1997 (!) but it has been doing pretty good up until Rick plopped his brand new computer next to mine! Now mine seems sluggish and contrary after experiencing Windows XP.

I tried to plug in a scanner to it yesterday and after 20 minutes of error messages, pulling out hair, and one eye bugging out I gave up. I plugged the usb into Rick's computer and this little bubble on the task bar popped up and said your hardware is installed and ready to use. Can't get any better than that! Actually at first I was a little annoyed that it was that easy plus Rick rubbed it in a bit.

I'm working off of his while I defrag mine and run 10 other diagnostics on it. It seems like a losing battle now. I'm going to try to build one in the next few months with the help of a friend and use the old one as a server. I hope mine will hold on until then.

Other than that, my life was boring today. Is it Friday yet?

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