Sunday, June 12, 2005

More stormy weather...

Saturday around 5:30 Rick and I were mowing, I had my headphones on getting into a Gwen Stefani groove. I noticed the weather getting dreary back to the west and was just finishing up when the sirens start wailing.

Tornadoes and potential tornadoes all around us.

My nerves were shot by the second round of sirens and the gaggle of drag queens all gathered in front of the house next door screaming, pointing, as well as reenacting the Wizard of Oz twister scene.

Rick's inner storm chaser got the better of him and he grabbed his camera and off he went into the action. His daughter, her friend and I were glued to the TV. Finally, a friend offers shelter in the storm. She has a basement so off we went.

2 pizzas later the weather settled down. I love this kind of weather, but could do without tornado threat. It was made so much more tolerable by good friends :) Thanks again-

Sunday we worked on the house adding a few touches here and there that made it more home like.

Tomorrow I have jury duty :O wish me luck!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

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irina said...

Good luck, Jeff, I am glad you escaped the tornado... That is already a big achievment!