Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dr. Pepper strikes again

It has been a long day today.

The funeral was really nice. They played "Taps" and had a flag folding ceremony and presented the flag to my Mom. More people showed up than I had expected. A few relatives drove a long way to get here.

There were a lot of my brothers friends that I hadn't met before at the funeral and most of them kept looking at me and then would come over and know who I was since we looked so much alike.

I got to meet two of his kids that I hadn't met before. If I had seen them on the street I would have recognized them.

A lot of the family went back to my parents house and we sat around visiting, eating, and reminiscing. Just about everyone in the family has always inadvertantly called me by my brothers name. We look so much alike and they would be looking right at me and go to call my name and say Lynn. Today it kept happening-even my Dad did it a few times.

Someone brought a past weakness of mine to the house-Dr. Pepper. I had to quit drinking them years ago, when everytime I drank one, I developed excruciating kidney pains. I decided I could sneak one. I am paying for it now. For about 8 hours now I have had a pain in my back like someone punched me in the kidneys.

I got a gallon of cranberry juice so hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Again, I'm so sorry, Jeff. And hope your kidneys are better.
Funny thing; everyone at my mother's, then father's funeral recognized me--no name confusion there--but they'd go up to my partner Doug--hug him, and call him Les--my brother's name. Bypassing Les altogether. Doug and I do look a lot alike; but when it happened again at my dad's funeral, I was really surprised. Same people, only a few years apart. And they all seemed to recognize my sister immediately. Sim

Zenia said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Kristeena said...

I'm so very sorry sweetie. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose your brother, and I know its even worse for your parents.

Huge hugs - you're in my thoughts and prayers.

letti said...

i am so sorry to hear about your brother. I have been away from the blogsphere for a bit, and only found out today about the bad news. Hugs.