Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mr. Clean

The scratch off lotto fest netted $29-not too shabby!

I went to clean the vacant rental today, it cleaned up pretty good-still have to clean the bathroom, but I had forgot my rubber gloves :O I learned my lesson the hard way on that.

A lady looked at it today while it was still grungy and liked it. She is going to (hopefully) put her deposit down tomorrow (crossing fingers). I was hoping not to have to spend the extra money to have to put it in the paper. Plus having to deal with all the wack jobs that call.

I'd say 2 out of 11 of the last calls for an ad I had were not escaping their last landlord or didn't have a felony for something or other. I'm serious! 6 had felonies for some type of bodily harm against someone (one was their current landlord) and 2 had a felony for robbery. The other person was a registered sex offender.

The squatters are still there, ugh-they are starting to piss me off. I don't want to mess with going to court but it looks like I'm going to have to. I have given them so many chances but I'm through now.

Some people are more trouble than they are worth. What I don't get is that the electric service was never transferred over into anyone's name since August and they haven't been shut off!

I went to the grocery store earlier to get some dinner. There is one checkout lady that is so much fun that I will stand in her line even when others are open. So Im standing there behind 2 other people after having let someone go ahead with only 1 item and the check out lady (girl) from the next lane over says "I'm open" with so little enthusiasm. I told her politely "no thanks".

She says "whatever" in that rude whatever tone. Usually I let things go like that. I know she probably had a bad day, etc. But so had I. So I told her that I her attitude was rude and I would rather put all the groceries in my cart back on the shelf than stand in your "whatever" line.

After a few seconds of uncomfortable silence (I suddenly realized I spoke aloud) there were a few chuckles around me and she stormed back to her register.

The lady that I always wait for said that she was glad I said that. She said she is always rude and treats people like that. I told this lady that is the reason why I stand in her line because she is always so friendly. She even jokes here and there and has caught prices being wrong, pulled out the circular for coupons, etc.

So after I got done checking out, I went to the customer service desk and asked for the manager. He came over and I told him about the level of service from her. I told him that I stand in her line when others are open and that I was glad she was here.

I decided to not tell him anything about the "whatever" gal-I'll give her the benefit of doubt-we have all had bad days, troubles, etc. I just sent positive energy both of their ways and went home and watched Lost.

Hope everyone had a great day :)


Kristeena said...

The three of us in the office bought $40 worth of powerball tickets and we got a whopping $6 out of the whole thing, darnit. I'm still buying tickets though - I don't care!!

Good luck with your squatters - I swear there are some bizarre people in this world. Hopefully they'll just decide to leave.

=) kris

Anonymous said...

We got one number on the powerball; still haven't checked my MO Lotto. Congrats on the winnings!
I was stuck in line at the grocery store not too long ago--a gallon of ice cream and a loaf of bread. A woman ahead of me had a cart full--and was arguing the price on everything. The clerk was being very nice--but I'd had enough. I walked out--leaving the ice cream and bread on the conveyor. In this case, management was rude! Though I've had instances of rude checkout people, too. Just not as many as rude customers! Sim

Donna said...

You did EXACTLY the right thing!