Monday, October 17, 2005


I had one renter move out too soon, and one that won't move out. She has decided that she wants to live for free! I will probably have to go to court to get her out, or spend the money to go to court and she will move out when she gets her subpoena.

I have been lucky with the rest of the renters, everyone paying on time-or at least contacting me if they are going to be late. I'm easy to work with if they let me know what is going on and don't take advantage of me.

Rick won a huge basket of lottery scratch off tickets at work-we are going to be scratching them later-keeping my fingers crossed! There have to be at least $400 worth in there!

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Anonymous said...

That's one reason I've always been hesitant to get into the real estate/rental business. The other is probably laziness.
Good luck on your tickets; I don't know if you have Powerball there, but it's up to 340 million! I guess I'll go throw a couple of dollars their way; I really don't believe I'll win--but you never know! Sim