Monday, January 02, 2006


I imbibed a bit too much at the festivities last night to ring in the new year. I had the worst hangover ever. It was not pretty. I couldn't move my head without the world spinning or smell anything without running the the bathroom. Sorry TMI.

I had been painting on my vacant rental and had to take the day off. I'm hoping to get it done soon-I have someone that wants to move in and starting giving me money! You'd think that would motivate me to get off my butt and paint.

Rick had some news today, in 6 months he will be a gramps. He was in shock at first, now I think he is excited. I have been calling him gramps and paw paw all day-he wasn't amused.

I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve and Day and that 2006 is the best yet :)

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Sim Warford said...

I threw a small house party that lasted the whole weekend. I was kinda "wake and bake" for a couple of days! And I did have a pretty good hangover (or pretty bad, whichever way you look at it), but 2005 is finally, and forever, over. And I'm grateful for that!