Thursday, January 05, 2006

We won't need groceries or cigars for awhile...

I made a quick trip to the grocery story yesterday getting a few things that we only have to buy monthly like paper towels, sponges, etc. thinking Rick would forget next time he went.

He went today and didn't forget! He got the regular weekly groceries plus everything that I had bought the night before except his coffee. It was kinda funny everytime he pulled something out I said "yep, got it". He wasn't as amused as I was.

I was entering my daily sweepstakes today and notice my name on a winners list for a box of Honduran cigars at Don Tomas Cigars I don't smoke cigars, but still a win is a win and it had an ARV of $77.50 bringing my 2006 total to $79.50 and my overall total to $197.14. I may have to try one!

I found a sweepstakes that you have to enter by snail mail to win a trip to San Francisco for a private wine tasting. I hadn't entered a snail mail sweep since 2001 but I still have all of my supplies. I still have a briefcase full of hundreds of envelopes, post cards, 3x5 cards and papers, stamps, etc. It had been packed away in the closet.

So here I am digging for it, find it and pull it out while on a step stool and the lid wasnt snapped shut-it looked like a mail bag had exploded in my office!

I also found some storage containers full of hundreds of envelopes and postcards. I found an online message board with snail mail sweeps entries and was thinking of slowly entering them again in addition to the online entries. I'm set for envelopes for awhile that's for sure.

The biggest win with snail mail entries was a $500 gift card to K-mart. That was so exciting-I can still feel that thrill when I opened that fed-ex package and saw the card, then the amount underneath.

I dropped everything and ran to the nearest K-mart and loaded up 3 cart loads-I was so much fun and I went overboard just a tad when I went to check out the total was something like $775!

I am bound and determined to win one of these phones that LG is giving one a day away!

Hope everyone is having a great week :)


The Persian said...

You and your contests!! Sounds like fun...

Man what I would do with a $500 Kmart certificate. People can say what they want about it being a WT chain, but for the simple kitchen and home things..they really have some decent stuff and CHEAP!


Sim Warford said...

I forgot; I do enter the HGTV dreamhouse sweepstakes every year--every day that it's open! I'll email it on to you, just in case you don't get it already.
I never have to worry about Doug going shopping; he'd rather poke red-hot forks in both eyes! I don't like to shop either, but sometimes, it just has to be done! I just wish we had a Kmart closer; and I'd certainly be able to use a $500 certificate!
Hope your week's going well, too!

Donna said...

I used to subscribe to some magazine that told about all the sweepstakes, and I did win a few things. Nothing substantial, mind you.

Kristeena said...

I have never won anything in my whole life. Wait - once I won a bubble blowing contest, and once I won a door prize because I had the sticker on my chair. LOL

Keep going - you playing powerball too?

=) kris