Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Still winning, but not feeling up to par yet...

My hangover is still hanging over. I felt a tad better, but still not 100% yet.

I have still been entering sweepstakes daily. My 2005 total (11/31 - 12/31) was $117.64. Not bad for one month. My 2006 total so far is $2 on an instant win. It took me about 6 months before I won a big prize last time I entered sweeps so hopefully I can do that again. The only drawback is any prize over $600 you get a 1099 and have to pay taxes on-or that is how it was back then, I'll have to check up on that.

I did have a dream last week that I won a trip to Europe and was in a mad dash to renew my passport and get Rick (gramps) started on paperwork to get his. I think juuuuuuuuuuuust in case we are going to go ahead and do that plus we were talking about maybe a cruise somewhere tropical so we would need one anyway.

I made a few resolutions, or more like goals for this year. I want to get more organized. When we moved into the house things got thrown and mixed all around-I want to go through all of it re-organize etc. I have tons of books in bookcases in the office and I would like to get those organized. Twice this year I found myself buying a book I already had!

I also want to get caught up on all my debts. My ex finally payed off close to 90K of credit cards that we shared or were in my name and I would like to get the few I have left payed off and get back on track.

I want to try to help my Dad get out more often and get back to work. He will not leave the house and if he does it's only for about 30 minutes. Hopefully he will start doing more in the next few months instead of being a recluse that he has admitted he has become. He told me a few weeks ago when we went to a few stores that he felt scared to leave the house.

I also want to get the kitchen remodeled. It is decent right now, but I want to refinish the wood floors, paint and get some new cabinet hardware to spruce it up.

I hope everyone has a great week :)


David Stewart said...

You share your life in an honest and straight talking way.

Sim Warford said...

Glad you're better! I'm pretty much recovered today, myself. Oh, and congrats to Rick! Doug was almost a grandpa--but I guess it wasn't meant to be right then.
I have some of the same goals regarding my house; except I don't have nearly enough bookcases! More than half of the collection is still boxed up--not to mention the small library I inherited.
Happy 2006 to you! Sim