Sunday, April 02, 2006

Gorgeous Sunday

It was a gorgeous day today-one that makes you want to work in the yard. My mower is on the fritz so I have to wait til it is out of the shop. All my trees are in bloom and some bulbs are coming up.

Taylor is doing a lot better, he is starting to play with the other dogs and is wanting to stay outside longer. He still wants to be right by my side when he comes in but stopped wanting to sleep on the bed with me. His stitches will probably come out tuesday.

Randy hurt his leg today and is limping. Not sure what happened, he probably jumped off the couch wrong. Tomorrow I have an appointment for him to get his teeth cleaned and some pulled anyway so I'll tell them about it.

Petey is still his ornery self!

Brian got a job and starts tomorrow. He had trouble for awhile finding something due to his probation, but this job didn't seem to mind. He is off probation in a couple of months anyway so he is excited about that as well as getting lots of overtime at the new job.

My Dad told me the other day that he had a lady friend over for dinner last friday. At first I did a double take but after a few minutes I was glad that he is dating rather than moping around. It must be serious, she is going to stay the weekend with him this coming friday! Not sure if he has told my sister and how she will take it.

Hope everyone has a great Monday :)

Ever wonder what to do with those Peeps?

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Sim Warford said...

The "Peeps" is hilarious! Who'd a thunk? I may even make the salad to take easter--the cheesecake one.
Yesterday really was gorgeous here, too, once the clouds moved out. We've had some good rains, and a few storms, recently; nothing as bad as other places nearby, though.
Both of our mowers are now up and running--but it's too wet to do any mowing right now. I love gardening, but hate mowing! I wish we could have sheep within the city limits!