Tuesday, April 03, 2007


For the past few work days I slept through my alarm. I usually don't do that-I've been know to turn it off and go back to sleep, but not sleep through it. I had it on a radio channel that I listen to at work and today I noticed that several times during the day it would just go to dead air. I'm thinking that is what is going on, so I've changed the channel-hopefully that will help

I'm getting nervous about next week. I have a doctors appointment that is pretty sure to lead to surgery-day surgery most likely, but surgery just the same. I've never had any kind of surgery before.

My medical experiences are summed up by an overnight stay when I was 4, stitches three times and normal doctor visits. Never anything that involved anesthesia. I have 7 days left to dread it.

I haven't read anything all the way through in months besides flipping through magazines. I miss it but I just haven't had the urge.

Regarding my mention of a rut yesterday-this was on my page a day calendar when I got to work today:

"It doesn't matter how slow you go, as long as you don't stop!"

Here is to having a great tomorrow :)

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