Friday, September 12, 2008

Hawaii VS Hurricane Ike

My flight out of Houston was canceled :O What is odd is that it is still showing the flight from Amarillo to Houston is active.

The Travelocity coordinator was great and worked hard to get me on another flight, but it'll have to be Monday. Sheraton Waikiki was very nice and moved my reservations as well.

So Hopefully, Monday afternoon this will be my view:

I was so under prepared, so this will give me some extra time to pack! I'm so nervous about the flight-I don't do so well flying. I used to be okay with it when I flew several times a year but I haven't flown since '05 when I won the trip to Las Vegas.

I have been having fun with my sweepstakes still-I passed the $12,000 mark for this year.

I am taking my laptop (if the flight Monday isn't cancelled!) and I'll post pictures at the end of the day from Hawaii.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and my thoughts are with everyone affected by Ike.


letti said...

keep safe and have a wonderful trip!

JC said...

I'm jealous - have a blast