Friday, September 19, 2008

North Shore by convertible

We finally rented a car, a nice Chrysler Sebring and headed off. After 30 minutes of getting lost after the first turn from the car rental agency we finally headed around the bed of Diamond Head. Here is a google map of our route:

We stopped a lot and took some pictures and at little roadside stands that sell fresh fruit and gifts.

We had some of the famous shaved ice from Matsumoto shaved ice in Haleiwa.

We finally ended out day at the Polynesian Cultural Center for dinner and a show.

I think it is the season for Japan and Australia to come here as that is the majority of the people we have seen most of the trip so it was funny while we were at dinner Rick hears a man ask in a heavy southern drawl "Ya'll got any ketchup?"!

We made it back to the hotel with only one wrong turn on the way back. I am tired, and sunburned to a crisp. Rick is cranky, more sunburned and more tired than I am! We both look like lobsters. All in all it was a good day and well worth renting the car. We have the car tomorrow so there is no telling where we will get lost!

We finished the day off at 11:00PM at Hagen Daaz-me a green tea ice cream in a waffle cone and Rick had a Hawaiian smoothie.


JC said...

So did y'all do any cliff diving?

Donna said...

Yeah, go ahead: rub it in.

You lucky so-and-so, winning a trip like this.

It's a good thing I like you; otherwise I'd quit reading your blog.

Just kidding, but I AM jealous.