Sunday, September 07, 2008

If you have pets...

And own a Four Paws Pimple Ball-cut it up and throw it away..

Read about what a pet owner of a lab mix named Chai went through.

It makes me mad that a company that knowingly will not do more to help spread the word about the dangers of it's own product. I used to have one of these but thankfully Rudy, who was an aggressive chewer, had it destroyed in less than an hour after I gave it to him.

The house seems so odd without Randy around. Randy would always come into the office while I was at the computer and lay down at my feet. Then if I had to get up he would follow me around, then follow me back to the office. He wouldn't go to his dog bed that I had next to my bed, until I went to bed. I have called for him twice today!

Taylor hasn't acted any different, but Petey has been acting odd-moping and needier than normal.

I found this picture of him and Taylor earlier-both who wiggled out of their sweaters less than 5 minutes after this picture:

Rick found this video he took of him the night we put the Christmas tree up in 2007. He kept sleeping under the tree even after we put the gifts under it. I kept a spot in the back empty so he could take his naps.

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