Friday, November 19, 2004

Best & worst case....

Rick's surgery is schedule for December 2nd. The doctor gave him the best and worst case scenarios.

Best case-non cancerous-day surgery, in and out.

Worst case-cancerous-radiation if it is localized, chemotherapy if it has spread to facial muscle and nerves and then they would have to take out portions of each leading to paralysis. Of course this is what he has in his mind that it will be, although I think getting something scheduled and setting it all in motion has eased his mind a lot. He was in a pretty good mood after todays visit.

The sun is finally out today-I'm going to go and enjoy it!

More oddities from the internets:

How would you like for this to be your job description?

Is America ready?

They never had toys like this when I was a kid!

So much bounty from nature.

I had to call my friend in Germany to see if this was a real product-it is! Not safe for work or if Kiddoes are around.

This could be really cool or really annoying.


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