Thursday, November 18, 2004

Putting on a brave face

I'm feeling much better today. We are supposed to have some partial sun tomorrow and then none again until Thanksgiving.

A week ago my significant other found out that he has a tumor. Tomorrow is the day we find out more from the ear nose and throat specialist. I'm trying to put on a brave face for him as he panics and worries-don't tell him that I'm doing the same. I'm trying to be positive and put on a brave face. I think it is working too well, he seems to feel that I'm not too concerned. I also think that he is more worried than he is letting on and I feel that if I start panicking openly to him it'll open that flood gate. We didn't get a thing done on the house today, being on edge about tomorrow. I don't think we will tomorrow either-depends on how the doctors visit goes. This has zapped our energy greatly.

On a positive note, all the news we have heard, and research we have done has been good about the kind of tumor he has. A good friend of ours had a family member with the same kind of tumor in the same place as his and she had day surgery and was back to work the next day. The tumor is near a facial nerve, but the risk seems minimal about any dangers to it and statistically this kind of tumor is 80% of the time benign.

Here is what the internets revealed today:

Big brother will be watching.

I wish I didn't feel like this was necessary to know.

I'm not buying it, sorry.

I can't even keep a small secret.

Be careful what you type.

Ever feel like you aren't clean enough?

I hope everyone has a good weekend.


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Mmm, tricky situation. Good luck striking a balance between loving concern and optimism. It sounds like there is room for optimism medically - here's hoping for a good result!

You don't know me. I'm Karen. I saw your comment on Scalzi's journal. Good blog! I hope the sun shines for you soon, inside and out.


Planet Kristin said...

Scrub your butt! I LOVE this stuff! You have to try "family function." Peppermint is one of the better ways to relax.

Give R a kiss for me and hang in there.
Most likely it's benign and the day surgery will go well. Alys came back looking like somone had tried to slit her throat. She had two! She said it was a piece of cake ... much less anxiety than going in for a root canal.