Sunday, May 08, 2005

Long lost brother and feathered friends...

I went over to see my parents today. My brother has been staying with them for a while and I knew I was bound to run into him. I just wasn't prepared.

He burned our bridges years ago but I guess after all that LSD he fried enough synapses to where he didn't remember.

I chose the peacemaking route for my parents, I just listened to his BS and shook my head and went on. My mom was in an agitated state since her first radiation treatment is tomorrow. My Dad was in an agitated state from that and from the accumilative effects of having my brother there for more than 1 hour!

He finally got a job, and my Dad is working on getting him an apartment.

I saw a little bit of the brother I used to know peep through the 4 beers he drank while I was there for little over an hour. But the voice in the back of my head kept reminding me to not get close again.

On our covered porch up in the rafter area, there are 2 electrical boxes for exterior plugs. For the last three years there has been a bird couple that builds a mud nest on top and lays their eggs. They started their nest a few days ago.

The first year they would dive bomb us when we walked outside or up to the porch. Last year and this year I guess they are used to us and just stare when we go in or out. I'll get some pictures tomorrow and post them. They have pretty colors on them-sort of a purple/blue irrirdescent color.

The nest is about a foot away from the porch light and last year we noticed when the babies hatched and the light was turned on they would all stick their heads up and chirp loud with their beaks open. We couldn't tell if it hurt their eyes, so we leave the porch light off until they fly away just in case.

I wondered today if it is the same couple coming back each year or one of the previous hatchlings. Rick and I were both saying how nice it is to have them back again even if it means not having a porch light for awhile.

Ricks family had a big picnic at a park today. It was fun, lots of good food and we played football and volleyball. I felt so graceful-while we were waiting to play football the ball rolled to me-I went to stop it with my foot and went down.

I hope everyone had a great weekend :)

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herwest said...

"You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments that stand out, the moments when you have really lived, are the moments when you have done things in a sprit of love." -- Henry Drummond

... which is playing making peace even when you didn't feel like it--for your mom and dad, and then being there for her treatments, like tomorrow...

... and letting the birds come back to take over your porch for a while.

My brother is seven years older than me--though we've never had a falling out--we're just 2 anti-social peas in a pod from a futkd up family who just don't talk to each other much.

Kudos to being there for yer folks, and even your, I'm certain--graceful recovery from your unique way of catching footballs.

Gotta remember--you just don't do some things to make peace, or make it better for others--you do it 'cause you got lots of love, for those folks. And generosity of that ilk, is sometimes very rare in the world today.

Thanks for being rare. :O)

I'll bring the squishy pink pillow tomorrow for your mom... and vodka for you. tee and hee.