Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Snow and some resolution...

I went to bed Sunday night to a nice thunderstorm and woke up Monday morning with snow. It was odd, it snowed most of the day and was cold. It all melted the next day but it has been drizzly and wet since then with a chill in the air. Is this really May??

Work has been going good-we go on a working retreat to a nice resort town 8 hours away in a few weeks. I haven't been out of town in ages so I'm looking forward to it. Not sure how it'll go with some of the people at work that I haven't known that long and how we will get along. I'm going to go into it with a positive attitude and take some Martini makings juuuuuuuuuuuust in case!

Rick and I had a really good talk today about us. We didn't go in depth about some things that we need to later, but I feel it was a great start that will lead to that. There were some things we talked about that neither of us had any idea were an issue with the other. Then we came up with some solutions. We are slowly getting there.

The biggest hurdle I have had was not thinking I had to work at it-in my last relationship we reached a comfort and understanding level that we glided on for so many years. I keep forgetting how past relationships can define current ones and not always in a good way.

I hope everyone is having a great week :)


Planet Kristin said...

the opposite problem.
You've been at it for so long you just forget that there are still some things to work on. =)

It'll come honey.
Sometimes it just has to rear it's ugly head to remind you...

herwest said...

You are taking the fixin's, and I'm takin the vodka--and iffin' that marine yer rooming with gives you any flack--you are a stayin in me and tina's room!

boy howdy.

we can stay up late... and make puff paint t-shirts, like all the cheerleader moms.

i'll make an owl, and you make a

"insta slut"


whatever. you know i'm right.

I am very pleased over the post-it note situation. Very pleased indeedy.