Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Adventures with Gramps

Rick did something to his neck last week while working out and can hardly move his head still-this is in addition to his bone spur in his foot causing trouble for the last month. He will be 49 this year so, to him, this is evidence that he old and falling apart. Plus his son and his girlfriend are due this time next month with his grandchild-so now he is old, falling apart and a gramps in his head.

I finally talked him into going to the doctor about his foot but he won't go for his neck yet. He is scared of the idea of a chiropracter and worried about what a doctor will do. So far they have just called in some kind of muscle relaxer that isn't helping much.

I'm taking an application in tomorrow for a job that my friend had told me about. I was applying online yesterday in .pdf format and had got all the way to the end when we had this huge thundershower. I went to go watch and it started hailing, then the electricity blinked for a second and shut everything off. I lost the application and had to start over!

I bought some more perennial flowering plants for my flowerbeds, and a huge oleander for a bare spot on the side of the house. So far everything has taken except for a spirea that is loosing leaves and looking sickly.

Rick and I spent Saturday cleaning out our shed. It had got bad. Just about the time we had everything out on the back lawn, we get a small shower. It lasted just long enough to get everything wet and muddy! It was still nice to get all these showers the last few days.

I hope everyone is having a great week :)


JC said...

Sorry to hear about Rick's maladies...I am only a year younger and i can relate to the body revolting against you. My elbow still has a tender spot from my biking mishap.
Good Luck on the job app. Sounds like you are going to be much happier with this one than that last one you blogged about.
There are certain plant that I am good with, but I believe in tough love... they better be able to fend for themselves after a week or two of TLC. maybe it just that I have adult onset ADD - like i wish. If you get too much rain send some south to Austin, the nice green grass we had last week from the previous 2 weeks of rainy weather is gone and we are returning back to that lovely yellow brown landscape

Sim Warford said...

I still feel like a 12-year-old, sometimes--until I move, that is! It's hell growing old--but it's better than the alternative!
I've just about got all my planting done for the season--I put in a Peace rose yesterday. They aren't that easy to find, anymore, at least for me. At a price I'm willing to pay, that is!