Monday, June 19, 2006

Typing good, filing bad..

I took my clerical test today and overall I did well, but I had no idea they would give a filing test based on some uniform filing method I had never heard of. I bombed that part.

The HR lady was nice and let me take it again, I did a little better but I still don't think it was good enough for a call back-we'll see.

I haven't heard from Rick's sister about that job, I don't think she has given her notice yet.

I got my insurance policy renewal for my car today, it went up almost 65 bucks a month. All over a silly fender bender. My agent said if I take a defensive driving course it would save 10% per year. It upsets me since I have a great driving record and no tickets and the new price is will all of the discounts applied already.

I hope everyone is having a great Monday :)

Update.......I got a call from the place I took the clerical test at earlier and she wants me to come in for a pre-screen tomorrow. Not heard that term before, so I am assuming it is a fancy term for an interview.

Rick's sister talked to her boss about her notice, and mentioned that I was eager and willing to start anytime if he was interested in me as a replacement. He was in between meetings and said he would talk to her about it tomorrow.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

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Sim Warford said...

Not totally sure what "prescreen" means, but I've heard/read it before, and I think you're right. As far as I'm concerned, filing is alphabetical; if someone wants something different, well, they can give me a kiss--and I'm talking nether cheeks.
So good luck on your prospects! Hope the one you want most is the one you get--though a few other offers never hurts! Sim