Thursday, June 15, 2006

Broke Broke Broke

This is the worst shape I have been in a long time-I have a bit more rental money coming in tomorrow hopefully. I haven't had anything shut off yet, if I don't get a job soon it may come to that :O Does anyone still give money for blood??!!

I have a typing test monday for the job that I applied for, so hopefully I can do good on that. I'm going to take some online typing tests to brush up. I suck at the numeric keypad and I have no idea how I can do at a voice dictation machine if they spring that on me.

I called a few places I applied for and haven't heard back from just to see if they like someone who does that sort of thing. Both places only had a choice to leave a message so I put on my cheery professional voice and left a message.

I hope everyone is having a great week and that it's not in the 100's like it is here!

P.S. Date Movie was the WORST movie I have ever seen! I laughed a few times, but the remainder of the movie was spent either grossed out, rolling my eyes, or embarrassed for the actors!


Donnie said...

Hey, just keep a positive attitude. This too shall pass and you'll be working and making money in no time. Stay strong, it'll happen.

Sim Warford said...

I need to find something soon, too. The bills are getting paid, but our "lavish" lifestyle will suffer if I don't go to work soon!
So good luck to you! And have a great weekend! Sim