Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Will work for food/mortgage payment/credit card bills

I went for the pre-screen today. It was a mini interview and then they handed me another application (25 pages) to fill out. This one is intense-wanting to know my last 15 year history, credit history, family history, etc. They check my credit as well.

It will take a few days to fill out, get a birth certificate, college transcript, and figure out dates etc. After I turn it in, they run a criminal background check and it looks like who ever I put down as references will be subjected to a mini interview about me!

She said it would take about 3-4 weeks after I turn this small book back in to them before I would even get to the regular interview.

The job lead with Rick's sister fizzled. She called this morning and said that her boss was going to probably hire a friend of his wife's.

What struck me as odd was that she told me he asked her yesterday if I was gay. I had met him a few times and while I don't broadcast that I am, I think anyone with gaydar can figure it out.

She told him yes and asked if he had a problem with it, but he said no. I get a feeling that he did have a problem with it, but I'd rather find that out now then later!

I feel so discouraged right now, I was hoping for something at least in the next week-not month. I'm hoping my bad attitude/case of nerves/self pity is just a product of going on hardly any sleep. I tossed and turned last night and when I would get comfortable I would feel too hot, etc. My mind kept wandering about the jobs/bills/etc.

I will have 2 vacancies next month which drops my income for next month by $650. Hopefully I can get those filled fast. I have to spruce them up on top of that so that was weighing on my mind.

I may have to evict the people in the front soon. They had the bright idea to buy their kid an electric guitar and not only are the other renters complaining, but a few of the neighbors. One neighbor has called the police twice after asking politely to turn it down. I don't blame them-that would drive me bonkers. They are also responsible for watering the lawn and they haven't been-the once nice lawn looks horrible.

I hope everyone is having a great week :)


Donna said...

Being a landlord would drive me nuts. We have people renting the trailor house my mom used to live in, and they're no problem, but I know if you had several places to rent out, there would be some stinkers.

I hope you find a suitable job soon.

JC said...

Yep being a slum lord is not all it's cracked up to be, trying to get and keep sane renter - it really is scaredy how many inconsiderate slackers there are in the world...we have a duplex in B/CS and there is always some drama going on...
Summer is always fun trying to get it rented after Srs. graduate.
Good Luck and godspeed on filling out that application, sounds rather thurough...they are going to know things about you that you don't even know yet.